Diamond Needle Nut Fret Pin File Set Hole Slot Filing Guitar Repair Luthier Jewelers Jewelry Making Tool

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  • This item contains; equaling flat, square, barrette, cutter, crossing, round, oval, half round, triangle and warding file.
  • Cover full range shaping, forming, carving, engraving & material removal
  • They are designed to cut quickly and smoothly
  • Length: 14cm, Thickness: 3mm
  • Variety of shapes Colour: Red Handle, Silver Body

  • Specification
    A handy and versatile fret file set foryour guitar repairing needs.
    Used for a variety of applicationsincluding filing string slots into guitar nuts, bridges, saddles, pin holes and frets.
    The files are effective on wood,bone, and soft metals such as brass, copper and aluminum.
    Material: Metal Body, Polycrystalline, Diamond Coated Files