4" Invisible Adjustable Floating Shelf Bracket Blind Shelve Supports Concealed Hardware Mount for Heavy Duty DIY Custom Wood Shelves ( Pack of 2)

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Tools You Need:
You need to have Level, Drill, Electric Screwdriver, Hammer. (You may need drill press if the shelf is DIY)

Drill holes on wall - You should use level to mark cross on the wall to make sure you drill the holes in the right place. ( holes on wall should be 1/3")
Install the bracket - Remember to use washers to help the bracket install tightly. Electric screwdriver is highly recommended.
Adjustment - Slightly adjust the rod and height of bracket
Insert the shelf - Just simply put it in, what’s more important is to prepare slot for the bracket. Not only for the rods, but also for hole bracket. Again, it will be much easier if you have drill press with you. Or simply buy pre-drilled brackets locally.

FAQ : What is the weight capacity?
It actually depends on several more factors.
a. Mount on wood or concrete wall?
b The length of screw used.
c. The size and weight of the bracket, and weight distribution on the shelf

For our demonstration, we put 26kg Dumbbells on the shelf evenly.
Wall : Concrete wall
Screw Length : 2 inch
Bracket Size : 31.5” x 9.25” x 2” (80cm x 23.5cm x 5.1cm)
Bracket Weight : 1.8kg

This item will need you to take some works. you not only need to drill holes for the rod body, but for the whole bracket.
Otherwise it will leave an edge between wall and the shelf. you can also refer our photo, customer review and also our youtube video to see the installation tutorial.